Mustard Seed Singers

Mustard Seed Singers is a charity that comprises of two singing groups for people with mental health problems and those who feel their well being would be improved by singing in a choir. Research conducted by the Sydney De Haan Centre has shown that singing as part of a group can be very beneficial to the mental health and well being of those experiencing difficulties.

The aims of the groups include:

    • building social networks
    • growing in confidence
    • alleviating the isolation so often experienced as a result of mental health problems
    • reducing the effect of the difficult symptoms that can be experienced
    • having fun!

The Mustard Seed Singers meet weekly for rehearsals in two locations and have performed at a number of venues around Kent and London, which have been great successes and a good confidence boost for those involved. The performances are of course not compulsory and any members may choose just to come along to rehearsals which is absolutely fine. The group has also been featured on ‘Songs of Praise’ on the BBC as well as on BBC local news.