Restarting post-pandemic!

The Canterbury group has not restarted yet but IT WILL as soon as possible.

The Whitstable group meets every Friday at 5pm-6pm in St John’s Methodist Church, Argyle Rd, Whitstable

NB: Short breaks around Christmas, Easter and Summer.

The groups are led by Elle Caldon, a psychology and counselling graduate and a keen singer who has personal experience of mental health problems and has seen for herself the real benefits that singing can have on wellbeing. The groups have a good ethos of patience and camaraderie as well as offering peer support where appropriate.

If you have mental health problems or are affected by offering care and support to those who do, we would love to welcome you to the group. The groups are open to everyone regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or mental health diagnosis. It is not necessary to be referred by a clinician or other professionals. The groups are free to join.

The groups sing a wide range of repertoire including show songs, spirituals, pop classics and some simple classical pieces. It is not necessary to be a music-reader or have previous choral experience.